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И его лучше доверить профессионалам. [ Is it a coincidence that some of these robots resemble the so called 'alien grays'? Are fallen angels giving advanced technology to private indiviiduals and corporations not just to governments?” NAS: “From September ‘91 I was Deputy Chairman of KGB and remained at that position until June of ‘92. AE: “In your service, what did you oversee or control that is connected with what we now call UFO; what units and projects were under your control? She checked the apartment and found her family sleeping and everything else in order.She then looked out the window and noticed to her surprise a short woman wearing a tight-fitting black suit standing at her door, the woman had long straight white hair down to her shoulders, there also appeared to be a small black dog standing next to the woman, but since it was dark the witness could not see any other details.The Following narrative has been compiled from various sources but the main one is John Keel “Our Haunted Planet”.The location was somewhere in Long Island, New York and the date was June 26 1955 one late night: Telly Savalas, the famous character actor, told Hollywood reported Dick Kleiner a weird story involving a black Cadillac. His car ran out of gas on Long Island, and after he started walking, a black Cadillac “seemed to appear from nowhere,” and the driver offered him a lift.

“I just met Bill last night,” Savalas began, ‘and something happened, and I wanted---“ “You met him last night? Then she told him that her husband Bill had been dead for three years.

The driver was dressed entirely in white---a refreshing switch---and said very little.

But at one point he offered Savalas a dollar to buy some gas.

Later she met with Savalas in New York and told him that her husband had been buried in a white suit.

She showed him the last letter her husband had written, 5 and he was startle to see that the handwriting exactly matched the handwriting on the slip off paper given him by the Cadillac driver.

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This was another demonic encounter in the opinion of Sol-war.

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