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I have to push the cable and jumper wire of HD, Floppy Drive, including unplug/replug them. I just touched the power cable and the flat IDE cable to make the PC booted. I could not find out its cause nor can I indicate when this problem will happen. If none of that works, then it is probably on the motherboard and you'll have to throw it out. I suspect whether it is the cause of electrical interference. Also I have 2 hard drives on this PC mounted on mobile racks. (which it does) Never seen this before and it happens every single time the computer starts up. In addition the computer is quite unstable, but trying to run Windows 7 RC, so can't really be sure if it is the hardware, drivers or OS that is unstable.

Things I tried:clear the CMOS by removing the battery from the Mother Board and also read the MB Manual to clear the BIOS. The problem is that I want to flash the BIOS as I see that as the last option that may do the trick. Make sure the Floppy Controller is enabled AND Floppy (A:\) is Listed as First Boot Device, and the parameters are correct for floppy in BIOS (ie. It is a brand new Gigabyte motherboard with AMD 790X chipset and an AMD Phenom II processor. " a comment about what it just did, or something I should do?Backup All Important Data/Docs tried disabling everything in BIOS and then enabling. If you followed step by step and you flashed the BIOS and have gotten to this point (take your pick.wait for others to weigh in).--------------------------------"After the update (BIOS) is finished clear the CMOS again and after booting set the “Reset Configuration Data” (also known as “Force Update ESCD”) BIOS option in the BIOS “PNP/PCI configuration” to “Enabled”.---------------------------------I'd leave Plugn Pray to off, and Clearing the ESCD won't hurt, though prolly not necessary.When you had your disk on other box..a Scandisk from Safe Mode?

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I had a power failure and then when the electricity came it bursted the power supply.

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