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Trailer trash dating

They may be disorganized, and perhaps incoherent, but they are not random. I notice my students using it more often, and less accurately.

They are subject to whatever forces and patterns govern anything else I say or do. One student described her roommate, saying she was dating "some random guy." She seemed to be suggesting that perhaps her friend could have selected her date more carefully.

But no.evolution displays an insidious bias against males who request briefcases for their sixteenth birthday.

Consequently, I had free evenings in which to prepare for speech competitions.

This led to a degree in Rhetoric, a career teaching Speech, and, eventually, a beautiful wife and two gorgeous children. These non-random musings, then, will focus on our need to own honest language that can provoke pride even when intended not to.

Red Stars: Recently some of our colleagues at Santa Rosa Junior College had flyers with large red stars pinned to their office doors.

The red stars were testaments that these teachers had reached their students-or someone's students, who heard from a friend of a friend that something was going on in those classes. In the interest of full disclosure and a cheap joke to be revealed shortly, I must confess that I am a bit of a red.

The red stars accused these teachers of offering their students a perspective beyond their own narrow experience. Misguided and poorly considered action, to be sure, but action none-the-less. I see embarrassment and grudging fondness for those teachers who professed, who had something to say. I am a dues paying member of the Democratic Socialists of America.

If dating were truly random, I would have had a social life in High School.I am, however, suggesting that the more clearly we talk about difficult topics, the more likely we are to find solutions.This is one reason why Wanda's clear, strong and kind voice will be missed in the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate. And finally, trailer trash: So far, I've been arguing for owning our language, for using honest language and for finding pride in labels others try to use to hurt us. Our two boys are a beautiful mixture of their mother's finest qualities and their father's ability to subsist and thrive on a diet composed entirely of pizza. I can see the humor and hear the love when Diane says, "You're so white," sometimes when I'm not even trying to dance.Having said that, language is our most powerful tool, and must be used with caution, with care and with the recognition that our responses to language are not always rational. And yet, several years ago I was reminded of the power of even unintended language to hurt.In order to support the boys and me in the manner to which we have become accustomed, Diane works in the private sector.

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The thing I like is also editing, the sequences are fast and dynamic and it is just right on.

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