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The walls were full of pictures depicting the sky and the stars, suggesting a shocking level of cosmic and scientific awareness. Using radiocarbon analysis, scientists concluded that humans inhabited the caves as far back as 11 million years ago.They also found 716 stone discs, now called dropa stones, that were each marked with an intricate series of unreadable hieroglyphs.The first step is to get out of denial about your fear of intimacy and admit that there is an issue.(Which you are probably already doing if you have found this article.) The next best step is to seek support and help.If you offer enough of them, or become known for them, others are scared off or tiptoe around you. The good news is that you can overcome a fear of intimacy.There are ways to learn how to connect, if you are willing to put in the time and effort into what can be a long (but worthwhile) journey.Intimacy is mistakenly thought to just be about romance.

If someone falls for an image of you they want to see (but which you willingly provide), how can you be hurt if they decide they don’t like the image?As a deep-rooted issue which inevitably has roots in your back childhood, fear of intimacy can be challenging to unravel.A professional counsellor or therapist can help you do so a lot faster.But deep down, you might be left feeling terribly lonely if your constant focus on other people’s problems is being used as a shield for you to hide yourself behind.The more perfect you appear externally, the less others can see that you are human and weak just like they are, and the less they will dare get close.

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The verb ‘intimate’ translates as ‘ And intimacy is increasingly shown by psychological studies to be a very important part of modern life. Behind a fear of intimacy is a fear of facing up to yourself and what you perceive (erroneously) as your weaknesses.

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