Steam achivements not updating dating southern women

Steam achivements not updating

The build we released before the weekend should curb some of the issues people have had with the graphics code, it also adds a few more achievement fixes, fixes a few menu issues, and makes localhost mods work again, which is important for testing them and for offline modded play.

Let us know here if you continue to have issues, please!

I haven't unlocked the ones I should already have unlocked.

For example, use 50 resource nodes (according to my stats I have used 117 resource nodes).

Also, to celebrate the Steam Achievements update, you can now grab KAG for 15% off on Steam.

Changed the terrain building size limit to be based off the player reach. Since it's easier to mine, the amount of resources on the map is 3 times less. No uranium as a starting resource also no uranium is ever generated near the starting area, you need to go look for it.

All map visualisations work also when in zoomed in map mode, where normal view and map view is combined based on radar/player coverage.

Graphics: More entities in high resolution: laboratory, radar, worker robots (construction and logistic), combat robots (defender, distractor and destroyer), combinators, electric & circuit wires, pumpjack, storage tank, player, solar panel, lamp, roboport, tank. Blueprint previews and ghost entities now have their walls, pipes and belts connected. Balancing: Removed Assembling machine 1 from the production science pack. Moved cluster grenade recipe to military 4 research.

Train doesn't need to come to a full stop when manually changing train destination or switching from manual to automated mode.

Removed the "shift" value from map generation settings as it wasn't needed anymore.

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Train schedules and wait conditions can be rearranged by clicking and dragging. Belts, underground belts and splitters can now fast replace each other.

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