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Speed dating score cards examples

Ask questions and have students run up to a desk at the front to get the next set of questions Have student draw up a set of flashcards each (10 -r 12 words or concepts they need to remember).Write the term and definition on the same side of the card.Students can check their understanding of their concept or definition with each other or the teacher.Rounds of speed dating then take place where students teqach each other the concepts.Students could write this as a draft in their phone, and text another class member in class (if appropriate) - students could peer review the text and give 2 stars and 1 wish.Or the students could get in groups and pick the best summary and share with class.The team with the most remaining, members left, after the grid has been fully answered wins (unless a team is fully knocked out prior). Have students draw up a map of all the content in a topic, showing how each piece relates to the rest, or draw one up yourself, remove key pieces of information and have students complete it and add extra explanations and descriptions Students get given a templates of a flash cards that are partially filled and they have to complete.Grid Everyone stands at the far end of the classroom with a mini whiteboard and marker. This would be even better if they made an electronic version using powerpoint slides so that they use the cards via their smart phones / tablets.

If they get a 'bomb' they also have to travel to 'no-mans land,' where they may not talk or respond to their team.Strategies that have been shown to reinforce student learning: Have students read an article and identify three things they learnt, two questions they’ve still got and one interesting fact.Students are to summarise an article or lesson content into a 160 character text or a visual summary.Have students write a tweet (140 characters) based on re-inforcement topic Post Screencasts / videos / tutorials / challenges on specific skills / processes techniques with software.Could also include "ingredients" and "finished product" files to reduce time spent searching for resources.

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Write questions students have about a topic on post its and put them on the board.

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