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Slovenian dating

Around 5600 BC, the Mediterranean Sea cascaded over the Bosporus sill, which was dry land until then, and transformed the freshwater Black Sea into a vast salt water inlet.

Geologists claim that ‘ten cubic miles of water poured into the Black Sea for about 300 days’ – which is 200 times greater than goes over Niagara Falls today.

There was a river running through it – the river of Nord – that the Thames, the Rhine and the Seine all flowed into.This lake – of which the present day Great Lakes are only a remnant – was about 2000km in length – a virtual inland freshwater sea – stretching from Hudson Bay in northern Canada, as far south as Minnesota in the present day USA.Eventually the lake could hold no more water from the thawing ice, and when it burst its banks, about 30 per cent more water than contained in all the worlds lakes today blasted into the North Atlantic.In chronological order: Biped humanoids first appeared several million years ago, but the modern variety, Homo sapiens, hadn’t been around too long before they were almost wiped out.About 75,000 years ago, Lake Toba, in Indonesia, erupted in a super volcanic event, described by many scientists as ‘mega-colossal’.

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It took place in a part of the world fairly thin in habitation at that time, but its discharge of vast amounts of noxious sulphur dioxide, and a deposit of ash 25 centimeters thick, destroyed all the lush forests of south-east Asia, while dust clouds blocked sunlight and plunged the entire planet into an estimated 6 to 10 year volcanic winter.

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