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“Every other comment towards me is a variation of ‘I wanna see if it’s true what they say about black dick’ or dark chocolate or black meat,” says Michael, 20 from Hertfordshire.

“The black dick comment is offensive no matter how lighthearted or funny you think it is.

It’s setting an expectation upfront which is demeaning.” “People assume that my dick is down to my ankles when it’s actually seven inches.

I’m happy with my penis, but these stereotypes make me feel sad,” says Kevin 21 from London.

But the sad reality is that gay and bi men of colour who face homophobia and racism in the wider world can very often find themselves subjected to racism from within the gay community.

“I get comments like ‘honest to God, man, when I see a black guy I start to precum’.

I get comments like this, and they’re not jokes.” “I am either a sexual fetish to other guys or they completely ignore me, there’s not much in between,” says Balwinder, 36 from London.

“Some guys ask if they can touch my turban or beard, saying it turns them on.” “I rarely get objectified as an Asian man.

I mostly feel ignored,” says Raymond, 25 from London.

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“They think that this is funny, and if you confront them they say it’s just a joke.

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