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In 1955, Joe Lewis died and Jack Green becomes CEO.Joe’s son, Peter Lewis, begins working for the company.Sad, hope works out for you…listen to a number of realtors say you made life simple, one less insurance company to endorse…Auto salespeople are just say see ya wouldn’t want to be ya…etc…response is up to you, it is obvious what your agenda is, it is obvious that you have no clue or desire to make schools safe for children.Reply Your insurance sucks to begin with, and now you have decided to bring politics into your little nest.I am sure you won’t miss me and many of my friends from purchasing anything that your companies name is on…follow the stocks and watch the effects.Better yet, watch the effects of your ignorance and knee jerk PC reaction…Now you’re breeding little pc children that don’t feel they have to be accountable, nor suffer consequences of which we may find is the biggest contributing factor to the recent tragedy. However, what we now have is someone that gives all appearances of some spoiled little brat looking for his moment of fame.This individual was found irresponsible by Rancho Cordova Police Traffic Division and as a result of his insurer being progressive they are accountable for damages repaired. Accept the liability responsibilities like they’re intended to for their insured customer.

No, sorry you are just as sick with this advertised action, and to think you had an opportunity to be a positive influence and look what you chose to do.

Ask your little buddy where he was during the shootings, see if he tells you the truth?

I guess you can say anyone that is as shallow as you and your company certainly doesn’t need level headed people to purchase your products.

School shootings have all been committed by children, the problem is not the gun it is the schools.

March for Lives was scheduled before the Parkland tragedy.

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Children like little entitled Davy that now thinks he is cute because he can say F… And, you opt to pull support of someone that gave little Davy a hint why schools may not wish to have his foul mouth in their school.

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