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For access to the comments, please check your e-mail and click the link to Activate Your Account. Your YTS account is active now and you can login to download YIFY torrents.She was supposed to be an attractive gangster's moll and here she is appallingly over dressed and over haired.Maybe it was suggested she show a bit of T&A and rebelled, being the contrary b**** we know she can be.Neither was I drawn or even amused at the list of Allen's clientele of failed has beens, one legged tap dancer, one armed juggler and all.I did find the New York and New Jersey location shooting attractive and did find the film picked up a bit towards the end.

I also have no idea why Mia Farrow was dressed up to look like a female impersonator.

Broadway Danny Rose may sound like a silly film about mistaken identity and the mafia, but in reality, it is actually a stunning portrait of loyalty and suffering told through humor.

Danny gives his all to his clients and is constantly abandoned despite his efforts.

One of them asks Woody for a special favor: bring Mia Farrow, his mistress, to see his concert for good luck.

But a couple of thugs show up and think Woody's her real boyfriend—and they're not happy about it!

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Lou, however, is refusing to go on until Tina is there which means Danny Rose must go find her and bring her back to the venue so Lou can perform his routine.

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