Oracle pl sql trigger updating

Oracle pl sql trigger updating

50000) DECLARE username varchar2(20); BEGIN SELECT USER INTO username FROM dual; -- Insert new values into log table. INSERT INTO employee_salary_hike_log VALUES (: NEW. -- Creating TRIGGER CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER trg_log_employee_salary AFTER UPDATE OF SALARY ON employee_salary FOR EACH ROW DECLARE username varchar2(20); BEGIN SELECT USER INTO username FROM dual; -- Insert new values into log table. In this example we have created a trigger which will insert rows into audit table after each update on SALARY column of employee_salary table, whenever the hike is Greater than 50000.Whenever user will update data of SALARY column in employee_salary table with hike greater than 50000, the data row from employee_salary table will also be inserted into employee_salary_hike_log by Trigger.LAST_APPLIED_DATE,'DD-MON-YYYY'))/12 INTO years_since_last_applied FROM dual; -- Check whether years_since_last_applied is greater than 2 years or not IF (years_since_last_applied -- setting date format to to 'DD-MON-YYYY' alter session set nls_date_format = 'DD-MON-YYYY'; INSERT INTO job_openings VALUES (1,'Mark','Sharma',10,'01-JAN-2012'); INSERT INTO job_openings VALUES (2,'Praveen','Kumar',4,'01-DEC-2010'); INSERT INTO job_openings VALUES (3,'Rahul','Kohli',6,null); -- output 1 rows inserted. TRG_BEFORE_EMP_UPDATE' -- Try to update last_Applied_Date which is less than 2 years UPDATE job_openings SET LAST_APPLIED_DATE = '10-JUN-2016' where APPLICATION_ID = 3; -- error Error report - ORA-20000: Previous application attempt must not be done in last 2 years. TRG_BEFORE_EMP_UPDATE", line 15 ORA-04088: error during execution of trigger 'SYSTEM. UPDATED_DATE := sysdate; END; -- setting date format to to 'DD-MON-YYYY' alter session set nls_date_format = 'DD-MON-YYYY'; INSERT INTO person_records VALUES (101,'Devil','Khedut',sysdate,null,null); INSERT INTO person_records VALUES (102,'Kanji','Yadav',sysdate,null,null); -- output 1 rows inserted. CREATE TABLE bank_transactions_audit ( TXN_ID number(10), TXN_NUMBER varchar2(20), PARTY_NAME varchar2(50), TXN_DATE date, CREATED_BY varchar2(20), CREATED_DATE date ); --Creating Trigger CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER trg_before_update_txn_audit BEFORE UPDATE ON bank_transactions FOR EACH ROW BEGIN -- Insert OLD values in audit table for logging purpose INSERT INTO bank_transactions_audit VALUES(: OLD. TRG_BEFORE_EMP_UPDATE' --Creating person_records table. CREATE TABLE person_records ( PERSON_ID number(10) primary key, FIRST_NAME varchar2(50), LAST_NAME varchar2(50), HIRE_DATE date, UPDATED_BY varchar2(20), UPDATED_DATE date ); CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER trg_before_person_update BEFORE UPDATE on person_records FOR EACH ROW DECLARE username varchar2(20); BEGIN SELECT USER INTO username FROM dual; -- Setting updated_by and updated_Date values. A database trigger is a stored procedure that automatically executes whenever an event occurs. Oracle initiates an ‘AFTER INSERT’ trigger after an insert event has been occurred and an ‘AFTER UPDATE’ trigger after an update event has been occurred.

CREATED_DATE); END; --Inserting values INSERT INTO BANK_TRANSACTIONS values ('1','TXN1234','Peter Thomas','12-MAY-2017','HR',sysdate); INSERT INTO BANK_TRANSACTIONS values ('2','TXN9999','Jemes Patel','10-JUN-2016','HR',sysdate); select * from BANK_TRANSACTIONS; --updating values.Now before updating ’empid’ column in ’emp’ table see the ’emp’ and ’emp_backup’ table records.Vishwanath Dalvi is a gifted engineer and tech enthusiast. When not hacking around or supporting the open source community, he is trying to overcome his phobia of dogs.I'm coding a Trigger to ensure only one type of money can be set as official.My intention is code a "BEFORE INSERT OR UPDATE" trigger.

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The INSERT section works fine but the problem is coding the UPDATING section because when I try to update the table I recieve ORA-04091 "mutanting table".

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