Olga kay dating toby turner dating death wiki

His mother’s name is Jackie Turner and father’s name is William Turner. He was highly interested in filmmaking and in entertainment field from the very early age.

Turner was nominated for 2013 Streamy Awards in the category of ‘Best Host’.

He moved to Los Angeles in 2009 after gaining success as a You Tuber.

He has a recurring television role on The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange.

He created his third channel ‘Toby Games’ on Jul 31, 2010.

Currently, he has 1.9 Million subscribers and total 367 Million views on his first channel (Toby Turner), 6.3 Million subscribers and over 1 Billion views on his second channel (Tobuscus) and 6.7 Million subscribers and over 2 Billion views on his third channel (Toby Games).

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As Turner was highly interested in filmmaking, his mother bought him a camera taking out a loan and he began his You Tube career.

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