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Older women dating younger men in the bible

Reaching Isaac, Rebekah, according to custom, veiled her face, and the end of this exquisite poem of the meeting of bride and bridegroom is stated in most expressive terms—“Isaac brought her into his mother Sarah’s tent, and took Rebekah, and she became his wife; and he loved her.”Marrying “sight unseen” is a most dangerous venture, but in this case it was successful because “the angel of the Lord” had directed the events leading up to the union.When Rebekah saw the handsome, mild-mannered and meditative Isaac, her heart went out to him.The name means a “tie rope for animals” or “a noose” in such a rope.Its root is found in a noun meaning a “hitching place” or “stall” and is connected with a “tied-up calf or lamb,” a young animal peculiarly choice and fat.Almost two millenniums after the days of the patriarch whom God spoke of as His “friend,” there were those who considered it a privilege to belong to the race having Abraham as its fountainhead.To be “a son of Abraham” or a lineal descendant of such a grand, great old divine was an honor, but Isaac enjoyed a still greater advantage for Abraham was his own natural father.Isaac was out in the fields at eventide for his usual period of meditation.He saw the approaching camels and sensed the success of Eliezer in the choice of a wife.

The picture of aged Abraham swearing his most trusty servant about a bride for his son Isaac; that servant’s journey to Padan-aram in the far east; Rebekah, first at the well, and then in her mother’s house; and then her first sight of her future husband—that long chapter is a perfect gem of ancient authorship.

Name Meaning—Rebekah is another name with an animal connection.

Although not belonging to any animal in particular, it has reference to animals of a limited class and in a peculiar condition.

When Isaac took her as his bride he forgot his grief for his dead mother, and lived happily with his wife for twenty years during which time they had no children.

Family Connections—Rebekah is first mentioned in the genealogy of the descendants of Nahor, Abraham’s brother (Genesis -24).

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Rebekah married Isaac the son of Abraham, by whom she had two sons, Esau and Jacob.

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