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Remember that ,000 of typical, delinquent credit card debt?As soon as it became delinquent, most banks jacked the interest rate up to 29%.That means that for the next 11 months, your monthly payment is syphoned off as fees to the company, with not one dime ever paid out to your creditors.Oh, and there is another fee that you may or may not remember the counselor telling you about. Debt collectors are even threatening you with lawsuits and wage garnishments.

As a Los Angeles Bankruptcy Lawyer, I have seen the shocking truth that debt settlements are simply a bad investment for the client in almost all cases, (discussed in ). It involves an individual who owes ,000 on delinquent credit card debt.The ‘not-so-smart’ consumers will hang in with the program, because they desperately want to believe what was told to them when they signed up for it.The ‘smart’ people usually drop out of the program at this point because they can finally see that they are simply being ripped off.The compassionate ‘counselor’ you were talking to is a actually sales representative, who was probably selling timeshares before taking this job.Legally speaking, anyone can call themselves a credit counselor.

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You are also told that settlements are achieved many time for pennies on the dollar. Therefore, the counselor asks you to conservatively estimate that your debts will be settled for around 50 cents on the dollar. You will then sign their contract via email or fax, agreeing to join their program.

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