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Misadventuresindating net

Needing more training before he can retake his exam, Master Yen Sid gives him coordinates to somewhere in the galaxy, though the information on what was there or why was unanswered, obeying his teacher.

But as he was close to reaching the coordinates, his own gummi ship, which he crafted on his own while on a break a week prior to his exam's failure, malfunctions for some unknown reason and crashes into the world of Equestria.

At the age of fourteen, he was thrust into a battle between light and darkness, wielding a mystical weapon known as the Keyblade, saving worlds from creatures known as the Heartless and finding his friends, Riku and Kairi.

With no way to make it back home, and Equestria too far from the rest of the worlds to contact his friends or fix his ship, Sora is stranded on this new world until someone realized he's been missing.

Until then, he's going to have to fit in, his magic transforming his body into being a part of the world like in many others he visited in the past, and be patient.

I saw this cover and the blurb on Net Galley and knew I had to request it.

But a blurb is just a blurb, and a cover is just a pretty cover until the author/authors fill the book up with some words. First I’d like to say I’ve never read anything that the author pair, Elizabeth Hayley, has written.

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Gavin Gibson’s a dreamer whose artsy aspirations don’t meet the high expectations of his wealthy family. When he’s invited to share Blake’s quaint apartment, he cannot pass it up.

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