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Micky yoochun dating on earth

Yoochun, stay strong, everything's going to be fine soon. Will always stabd by you, Oppa, from the day I knew you(2009) I can say, you are a talented and kind person. At the same time I ask that those of you who currently express a biased opinion to try to have some consideration for both parties in this matter. There is only one judge in heaven and earth and That's our Heavenly Father. But if these allegations are false, I would feel that those women deserve same punishment that the justice gives for rape charges. Oppa, I'm so sad knowing you accept that drama (Sensory Couple), I've been waiting for your coming back drama, but with Shin Se Kyung as your partner, I don't think your drama will get high rating. Love from Indonesia : D Oppa please don't accept the "The girl who sees smells" drama if the lead female role is Shin Se Kyung, she's really the worst. I love how you acted especially in "Rooftop Prince" drama, but please do not pair with her.

If it is revealed that these allegations are true I hope that he will be given a verdict suitable for the crime. But whoever is free of sin and is perfect then please cast the first stone!!! If these allegations are true, I hope he pays for it. It is almost close to murder because it really traumatizes a woman and ruins her life. I don't expect much on your new drama :( your partner can't act well, I don't know about the others' thinking but in my opinion her expression is the same even she sad, happy, and angry.

Hope you read this and wish you luck and success in your acting career despite your currently facing. Im getting in love to you more that you can imagine. Also the 3rd girl is keep changing the date, because Chuni was in China. Also Chuni's news came right after the news that Lotte Group is under investigation for a massive slush fund. I hope you will only pick the roles that you feel will suit you best, however as a fan, I must say you captured my heart with 'I miss you' and my sense of humor with 'Rooftop Prince'. I have a dream to meet yo Micky Park Yoochun ♡ No enough words in this world to describle how talented is our Yoo Chunnie!

Some people try to ruin your career life by spreading scandals since they couldn't bear your success and talent. I really cannot believe that Yoochun, out of ALLL people, would be the person to resort to such violence. But in some cases like this, I just can't believe those lame ass stories. And they should stick with one story and not change it every now and then. i like all your dramas starting to sungkyunkwan scandal up to the girl who can see smells. Given all the drama and movies always obtain high ratings and awards. But after finishing the drama, I've gotta admit that he truly deserved it. Somehow, throughout your various performances, I gather that some of the real you is bared openly perhaps in the way you react in a scene or in the way you express yourself most beautifully through your penetrating gaze - whatever it is I see, I wish to see more of it as a fan. I Love Lee Kak, he is so romantic, care, handsome, cute, He is everything.

The matter has yet to be resolved, thus it is too early for us to judge the possible victims and the possible predator. He's kind of want to make up for what happened in the past, he's looking good, and friendly. If you are a true fan, that's something you should do for him. I trust u sit silent bcoz your management ask to do that... I will believe in his innocence until there is concrete, undeniable proof of the assault. So sad that The Girl Who Sees Smell has already ended.. This year when Miss Ripley was shown in the Phils by Abs Cbn, I was dumstruck by your good acting abilities.... Thank you for making me and your other fans happy as well as entertained by a meaningful,superb and ecstatic acting in TV.... i watched the trailer of miss ripley and i told to my self, this is interisting movie. park yoochun did the great job i love him i really love him with his stunning eyes. i hope he will make more yoo-chun is one of my favorite star nowadays.

This doesn't apply to everyone but at some announcements on the media, like for instance interviews of the victims, people have expressed very grave hate towards Yoochun and the same thing has occurred for the victims as well in opposite situations. Keep that fighting, healthy, calm down, be happy okay. I'm not a huge fan, have never watched anything starring him but I believe that no one should jump to conclusions until there is concrete evidence supporting the assaults he's been accused of. Park yoochun ssi don't wo Rry.u r not innnocence, u no need to scared.. God bless amor Hello Yoo Chun...i saw your drama series Missing You aired here in the year, I was really captivated by your great acting talent.

I can't wait to see you again on your drama series after completing your military services..? We'll do our best for you, and anticipate the new film/drama..♥ so proud of Yoo Chun being praise by his Derector Kim Joon Sung of Lucid Dream because of his great acting. I don't know if this message can be readed by yourself... My friend asked me to watch your drama, Sensory Couple and Rooftop Prince after. I was really shocked when I know you are a singer, an idol. Ah, and you are funny, easy going, looks like you are humble (I wish this true). Wish you the best guys, I love your songs and your album..., is so my style. I give you a "Hand's Up" for being the person you are and being able to make your fans very happy. Hi Yoo Chun, you are such a talented singer as well as an actor. We all wish you the best and look forward to seeing you more! Dear Park Yoo-chun, I first saw you in Rooftop Prince, then Sungkyunkwan Scandal, then I Miss You. :)) but for me the rooftop prince really make his carreer more shine and better. "I Miss You" is the first time I've taken notice of Chun but his performance is so outstanding that I watched S. Saranghae and God bless you waiting for yoochun's next drama. It's been a month since my short vacation in Seoul. Looking forward to watch your other drama this weekend oppa! I have missed the TVXQ concert in 20 because was still a student. I have watched you in Korean drama and alot of singing.. until now i watch it everyday & fell in love with the story & his character... who is a girl can't falling with a guy like that??? :) Real versatile....great singer and at the same time award winning actor.... One the best epic modern romance drama comedy tv series that I ever watched...health and more success YOUR HIGHNESS!!! Keep positive don't mind those negativity leave them all behind and regain the "LIFE" that you love. Thank you sbs for recifnising Yoochun for his excellent potrayal of choi mu gak . I love watching k dramas and I regret not watching Park Yoo Chun's dramas sooner, i adore you oppa i fell inlove! I first watched him in the girl who can see smell but I 'am much more hooked with rooftop prince, watched the ending thrice already hehehe, his acting as a lover and the relationship in both dramas I mentioned seemed natural, expressive with no inhibitions, more mature. I hope to talk to you sometime.....................Yoo Chun ssi, can you please come to Malaysia? from then on, i watched every episode & even bought a dvd copy of the rooftop prince & watched it for 16 straight (sleepless)hours. love him since in TVXQ era, with cute face and husky voice, adam apple and collarbone, dimple. love all your drama, and Iam waiting for new JYJ album tooooo.... My favorite moment is when he kisses his amor backlit by a window. he may have been proved innocent.his image is sure gonna take a big hit considering his entertainment practices which are in complete contrast of his innocent and idol image..i being a big fan of his dramas am sure disappointed Park Yoochan ssi, please stay strong. Even if producers turn their backs on you, we will be always there for you. I will just impatiently wait for an official announcement from the police stating whether he's guilty or not. I hope this is a eye opener to all concern, those places are full of sin , lust and pervertion, anybody that goes there or works there have to pay the consequences that come with it!! I have watched a lot of his dramas, but I can't judge his real life character based on my drama watching. I have watched Sunkyunkwan Scandal twelve times and love everything about it but especially Micky's excellent portrayal of the Lord's son. The truth will be revealed and your name will be cleared. :) And your acting skills were truly perfect in all of your dramas I've watched so far. As time passes the development of these cases are becoming more and more messy. I'm not saying it's ok if all the accusations are true.

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Even though it's 8 yrs old there's just something about Asian dramas of this era that never gets old. Apparently the mess while he was in the service has scared the powers that he that do the dramas and such. I admire you for being so good looking and talented and yet still down to earth. Still looking forward for a solo or JYJ album though. i notice you at sungkyukwan,then at missing you..i can i say your one of the best... Rooftop Prince and Sungkyunkwan Scandal are my favorite stories. I wish you the best and I'll "always keep the faith" Park Yoo-Chunsshi, Thank you for your beautiful acting, especialy in Rooftop Prince And I miss you. If in US “Titanic”, “Rooftop Prince” will be the Korean version. love, love, love your voice, no matter who you sing with or by your self you always one of the best. There is no doubt in my mind that you are a Crown Prince. I hope to see more of your acting soon and singing as well. The sister is the mean character, Yet the other sister is the nice one .

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