How to updating fta reciever

How to updating fta reciever

definatly not the dev costs of having a dozen different variants to cater for diffrernt standards around the world would make the whole thing uneconomical & then what do you do if someone deosn't want wwan? Why install a USB modem which you need extra software to make work – hence what is failing in the cases where customers are experiencing issues between their wireless routers. You are correct here, they are not – BUT they don't use USB ports INSIDE the computer – this would be a stupid waste of space and money.We don't want them to build in the Wi Fi card onto the board – we just want them to use the correct Wi Fi card for the job, of which a USB Wi Fi IS NOT!! Luke PCI Express Mini Card (also known as Mini PCI Express, Mini PCIe, and Mini PCI-E) is a replacement for the Mini PCI form factor based on PCI Express. The host device supports both PCI Express and USB 2.0 connectivity, and each card uses whichever the designer feels most appropriate to the task.

If it's the serial console, we could get some serious hacking out of that :).

Will I be getting error messages all the time saying I'm not on bigpond? I said sockets because I meant the actual physical connector :) It would be interesting if anyone pulled the HDD out of the T-Box and see what it's formatted in. You don't get smashed by warnings, it will usually just tell you you are not connected once shortly after turning it on.

Hey folks I got a T-box but would never go to Big Pond due to reasons I would rather talk on another topic..

Also tried a manual telnet on port 7272, but no go... They just contain text saying where on my filesystem my public keys are being read from. ) it would look something like this Offering public key: /home/john/.ssh/id_rsa Offering public key: /home/john/.ssh/id_dsa Naturally the T-box doesnt want john's public key – it wants one (probably) from Telstra/Bigpond but possibly Netgem. Luke Edit: Look its already malfunctioning see: /forum-replies.cfm? do you think this will be conducive to modifying it?

However even having the right public key encrypted with the right technique (rsa, dsa, other) may not be enough to get in via ssh. If this thing can load XBMC it will be the greatest home entertainment gadget of all time!

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I ran a full scan and again only ports 22 and 113 are open. Why Telstra don't realise this and make it easy to modify amazes me. One Bigpond to bring them all and in the internet bind them : P Another reason companies often lock products is to prevent mum and dad users from screwing them up, which I agree with.

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