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These experiences can threaten the hard-earned sobriety of any newly sober addict.

This is why it is often advised that newly sober addicts wait one year before they actively try to seek a romantic partner.

David Stoecker is nine years sober and the founder of Better Life in Recovery, in Springfield, Missouri.

So, the sensations, the time and energy spent getting the drugs, and all the drama created during a drug addiction fills in some of this space. “At least I have someone” becomes a good enough reason to have casual sex, lower personal standards, take abuse, tolerate awful behavior, and lose trust.After the date, your emotional stability is tried even further.You constantly check your phone waiting for him or her to call, followed by crushing disappointment if he or she doesn't.Addict or not, anyone who is single can attest to the fact that dating can be a complete nightmare.The awkward lulls in conversation and the unease you feel presenting yourself as a likable person are all enough to make person with a healthy dose of anxiety want to run for the nearest exit.

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When asked if he stuck to the one-year suggestion, he said, “Absolutely not, and I probably should have.” Jennifer Nyhus, eight years sober and an aspiring addiction advocate from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, is a happily married mother of two.

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