Dating fender tube amps by serial number part 1

From this, there doesn't seem many more to try beyond Mc Intosh & Fisher that would need importing as not sold much-at all in the UK.Read more on what we consider Good Hifi Sound on other pages.

Some of these will now be unfindable & £1k sort of items.

We Do Not Authorise any Copying, Republishing or Quoting, even as rewriting Our Research In Your Words, of using or linking to any of our Sections on ebay, any sales sites or anywhere else.

No-one else has formed these opinions, so don't steal them as yours. We are using the Hifi Year Book as we have the whole set 1956-1981.

To list all amps of minor wattage after the Valve era isn't going to happen, go buy the books. Our Aim with these try ALL the 40w-50w amps we can with ones pre 1972 with the cleaner sound can sound good up to 65w, later ones of over 45w can sound rough from too many transistors in the design.

We're not too interested in ones with ICs in the Tone-Flat stage & certainly an IC power amp as some ghastly late 1970s 100W ones dare to use won't get our interest.

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Please do not link to our site on ebay sales trying to use our unique info to play buyers for a sale suggesting we are authorising their sale, as we are not. To list all interesting amps from these years is the idea, not interested in a full list, only cherry picking the better ones & interesting ones.

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