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However, when it’s somebody’s birthday, the birthday boy/girl usually pays.

– Doriana Briguglio & – Robin Locker Lacey LEBANON: According to Dan Nabahedian, you do NOT split the tab at a restaurant…

“I’ve noticed that if I eat with Egyptians – especially those that I don’t see often or who aren’t close friends of mine – they are more likely to try to pay for me, and I’ve had arguments over who is going to take care of the bill!

” – Matador Abroad editor, Nick Rowlands GERMANY: Patrons pool the money by paying for their share and adding a tip, and then giving the waiter the full amount.

Turns out that many countries have their own way of splitting of bill, and while we can’t include them all, here’s a guide.

AUSTRALIA: The venue doesn’t usually offer to split the bill for you; instead, it’s just shared equally among the group regardless of what meal you ordered.

And if you invite someone for dinner you may intend to pay for the whole thing.

Especially if, for example, you haven’t seen the person for some time.

If you invite someone out though, especially if you say “I invite you” it means that it’s good to pay.– Abhijit Gupta IRAN: My good friend Masoud says splitting the tab depends on if you’re dining with family or friends.With family, the father pays for everything; with friends, it’s generally known beforehand who’s buying. a graduation or birthday), the guest of honour must pay. In a more casual situation with two or three friends, one person will pay the whole bill but it is expected that their meal will be covered next time by one of the other parties.I didn’t wanna be one of those people to point out the unfairness.I’d rather just write a passive aggressive article about it.

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