Dating bipolar men

Opposites attract is a myth (which is another truth I’ve been teaching for years). But, these intense feelings of affection soon fade. This needy behavior triggers the Borderline’s fear of abandonment. You wouldn’t be here if that wasn’t the case, right? You meet this person who you know can be amazing (your mind is in the future).It’s why BPD relationships tend to have a Honeymoon Period. Unfortunately, this good-natured character can cause you to develop this White Knight belief system. But, what you have done is fallen in love with their potential. But, falling in love with someone’s potential is a common mistake I see in BPD relationships. You’re lost in the future instead of accepting your partner as is in the present.

Nearly everybody these days is on the BPD spectrum.

3) Learning what NOT to do is just as important as learning “tips” and “techniques.” 4) Drop the “Savior Mentality.” You’re not the Hero. 5) Strong emotional control is key to these relationships. You You can’t experience loving, fulfilling BPD/Bipolar relationships without a healthy state of mind.

First of all, I understand that BPD is a cluster B disorder. Hence, arming yourself with the best mindsets will give you control over your mind.

Cases of BPD are at an all-time high because most people have no drive, they’re lost, no ambition, addicted to social media and physical appearance, etc. Most people are never satisfied with themselves in the present. As I’ve been saying for , the only thing that makes people happy and stress-free is an independent mindset, one that puts yourself first. No amount of love or intimacy will change your level of happiness.

It’s impossible to be strong and centered when your mind isn’t focused on the present.

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This makes dating someone with BPD an impossible task.

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