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Dating after college hard

All those things help but if I'm not able to actually meet someone then its hard to show them that lol I think it will be easier to actually have a relationship after school since life will be more serious and less drama...the trouble is actually finding someone.I just would like to be married around 26 or so but I've been told that that is an unrealistic goal in today's society That's what everyone's been telling me.Those you meet now may not be as good long term prospects as you'll meet in the real world.Very few people end up long-term with their high school or university partners.If I was single until 40 I'd be pretty upset about that tho, I've got plans so really hope I can execute them.Problem is having those plans to get married is hard because its reliant on meeting someone and you have no control over their feelings I was single the entire way through college and for 2 years after.Now its like my options are online dating (which I've tried but its bad in my city) and meeting someone randomly which is so much harder. the way want to get coffee" ya not gunna happen lol Anyone on here have experience with meeting their significant other outside of university not online?I'm a little scared because I want to get married and have a family soon but I just can't seem to be dealt the right cards University is generally the place you'll be around the most single, available women in your life. Having said that, yes what you said is right, after university people tend to move on and scatter around the world.

I'm just a little worried because I thought I'd marry my high school sweetheart (that lasted through college but ended unfortunately) then I wanted to meet someone at university which almost happened but didn't.I was single the entire way through college and for 2 years after.College has a lot of people in "I just wanna have fun" time. Whybdid it take you 2 years after college to get a relationship?In college there were too many parties, too many other things to do, too many new people. IRL, it's harder to meet people because people have more responsibilities, work, etc. It's also hard to carry a college relationship into the real world especially if your new jobs are taking you to different places. In my experience, it is MUCH harder to find a girlfriend after college. First, I work 40 hours a week at the office, which greatly inhibits the number of women I encounter.It would be easy to go a whole month without meeting someone new. I'm definitely worried about it because I'm going to be working 40hrs a week so like you guys said it will be hard to meet someone outside of work because I won't have a lot of extra time.

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