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Except for one small problem: the Namespace spec was introduced in 1999, while the DOM level 1 spec was released in 1998 and knew nothing of namespaces.

The JDK's XML API predated namespaces, and due to backwards compatibility you must explicitly tell it that you want namespace-aware parsing: , not the parser.

I recommend always parsing with namespaces enabled, with one exception: in legacy code that uses XPath or XSLT.

As I describe elsewhere, XPath has its own hoops with regard to namespaces.

Please call the 'set Error Handler' method to fix this.

The downside of DOM, of course, is that it's all in memory, and the DOM implementation adds quite a bit to the memory footprint of the data.

Let's dive right into code: "); Document Builder Factory dbf = Document Builder Instance(); Document Builder db = Document Builder(); Document dom = db.parse(new Input Source(xml)); println("root element name = " Document Element()Node Name()); And that's all you need to parse a simple XML string.

A DTD describes the organization and content of an XML document in a form similar to Backus-Naur notation: a tree structure in which each element specifies the elements that it may contain (potentially none), and the order in which they must appear.

” declaration, which must appear before the first element in the document (but after the prologue! The DOCTYPE may specify an embedded DTD, as in the example below, or it may reference an external DTD, as we'll see later. Error Handler was not set, which is probably not what is desired.

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