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His wife, Terri Pearsons, the senior associate pastor and Copeland's daughter, stood up and took the microphone.In front of a congregation of 3,500 people, she said “Some of you have questioned what is taught in this church.Let me tell you what happened and you can judge for yourself.My wife and I had been followers of Kenneth Copeland since 1990. While not members of Eagle Mountain International Church (the church affiliated with KCM and pastored by Copeland's son in law), we did go there. It was one thing to see KCM and EMIC from the outside. What we saw was nothing short of spiritual abuse and Shepherding.I say indirect, because these were rules that were hinted at, not given to me directly in writing or as a verbal warning.The appearance of what was appropriate was more important to leadership than our spiritual walk with God.We always wanted to work for KCM, and in August of 2003, we both got our chance. This was the opportunity of a lifetiime -- to be able to help Brother Copeland put legs to his vision and help expand the Kingdom of God! Remember, in a previous article, I mentioned two separate sources that prove that Kenneth Copeland married the Word of Faith with Shepherding. While I was at KCM, a nationally famous minister came in to encourage us at one of our staff “chapels.” He said “Don't ask questions. If you ask questions, then you aren't in faith.” If we were going to do our job, didn't we need to know what we were doing, and didn't that mean we had to ask questions?This was nothing less than Shepherding, a restatement of “Don't touch the anointed!

I no longer ask myself why this woman said what she said.I would have left the Word of Faith on the basis of that denomination's Gnosticism and the abuses of the Prosperity Gospel. The abuses of human beings that I saw at the hands of leaders in the Word of Faith, particularly Kenneth Copeland, his daughter Terri Pearsons, and other leaders at Kenneth Copeland Ministries (KCM) and Eagle Mountain International Church (EMIC) are the reasons that I am blogging all this.Copeland needs to be exposed as a tyrant and a fraud!These are legitimate concerns and questions and I want to answer them.So, next week, I will answer this letter, question by question.”The following week, the senior pastor remained seated, in a very submissive manner.

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”A friend of mine who attended EMIC, began to become concerned about the direction the church was headed. So, he wrote the pastor a letter outlining his concerns.

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