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Bitcoin / Crypto – Crypto-currency is definitely something that should be considered.

First, there’s no privacy risks, second, there’s no chargebacks, and third, there’s little-to-no costs associated with it.

That means that there’s a higher rate of chargebacks and fraudulent charges. A lot of these are people creating a chargeback to prevent from having to pay, or getting caught watching porn and denying it by “someone must have stolen my credit card information and signed up using it!

” Whatever the reason for the chargebacks, they occur a lot more in adult than in other industries, and for that reason, not every payment processor is willing to work with adult businesses.

Only Fans – Only Fans is another network worth mentioning.

It’s “subscription-based”, but subscribers have the option of giving the performers extra tips / tributes as well.

Indie Bill – You’re still paying a percentage to Indie Bill, but they’re offering one of the highest performer percentages in the industry.

You will lose all money inside that account and will not be able to get it back.

Generally, performers work on sites (camming sites, clip sites, ect) that handle the payment processing and payouts.

These networks pay out the performers using a wide range of cashout options.

Some networks might only offer one or two ways to receive payouts. Checks are generally sent via postal service, but sometimes might be sent through a logistics company such as Fed Ex.

Other sites might offer a wide range of ways to accept payments. Direct Deposit (ACH) – Money gets direct deposited into a bank account.

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For these reasons, crypto is gaining popularity in the adult industry.

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