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Accommodating gifted students

The problem with making this decision between 8th to 9th grade is that the expectations ramp up dramatically in high school, and 9th grade is often the pivotal year when students need their Dyslexia and Dysgraphia designations to apply for accommodations for College Entrance Exams like the SAT, ACT, and AP exams.Waiting for a child to fail in 9th grade without appropriate supports can result in consequences that are hard if not impossible to reverse.Make sure that you don't make choices that only nurture their academic ability.FCPS Langley and Mc Lean feeder schools - the AP courses offered at the high school level (quantity and spread) beats any private. Any magnet program in a public school is better than a private, however, privates offers better discipline than public schools so there is that.

Generally, states' eligibility requirements for G/T services include some combination of demonstrated exceptional ability or talent, and demonstrated and creative use of those abilities or talents in the form of advanced achievements or significant accomplishments well beyond what is considered above-average for that age group.Formal testing is generally a component of the gifted and talented evaluation process.Tests of intellect (e.g., IQ) and achievement as well as personality may be administered as part of the process which parallels the special needs disability evaluation process.We chose a local K-8 for the lower grades and he chose his high school. He was given different work, different tests, and held to higher expectations to ensure that he was challenged and learning to learn rather than just coasting by.He was able to thrive in his expected grade level and with his peers.

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