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Coverage The reference period for the population estimates is mid-April of the years shown, while the migration flows are in respect of the twelve months to mid-April of the corresponding years, as are the births and deaths.

The population classified by age and sex for the year 2011 is taken from the Census of Population.

Migration classified by principal economic status and educational attainment This release provides estimates of immigration and emigration by educational attainment (), based on responses in the QNHS. Unemployed, having lost or given up previous job 4. These categories are subsequently collapsed to provide the categories included in table 6.

The principal economic status question identifies whether the person sampled (who is aged 15 or over) is: 1. Actively looking for work after voluntary interruption of working life (for 12 months or more) for personal or domestic reasons 5. As with all the breakdowns of migration (by age, nationality, origin and destination), the breakdown by educational attainment and principal economic status should be considered broadly indicative given the relatively small sample sizes associated with these flows.

EU13: defined as 10 countries that joined the EU on (i.e.

The final Census count is expected to become available in March/April 2017.The end result of this overall process provided the population estimate for April 2012 which in turn will provide the base population for the subsequent year and so on.The population estimates are subject to revision once the definitive results of the next census become available.the period over which this differential arose) following a thorough analysis of the final detailed Census results when they become available in 2017. EU13: defined as 10 countries that joined the EU on (i.e.Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia), along with Bulgaria and Romania who joined on 1 January 2007 and Croatia who joined on the 1 July 2013.

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