10 rules for dating my son

Even though they snarl a bit.) But halfway through the teenage years as a mom of five, I realized something was missing in these strategies. In fact, they were So here’s some of my best-ever tried-and-true discipline tactics for tweens and teens that worked in our home.

(I've tried some other creative efforts that flopped, but that's a post for another time.) Also check out our podcast on this topic.

And of course I've grounded them—limiting all social contact whatsoever and forcing my sulking offspring to play board games with their parents on many Saturday nights.

(I secretly like these times, and I think they might, too.

That means he can't hang at the park with friends and watch You Tube videos endlessly.

For Internet access, he has to find Wi-Fi hotspots, like our home.

to keep finding ways to break through the walls they put up and get them talking. Written by Kami Gilmour, mom of five teen and young adult kids.

These might not be appropriate disciplines to use with teenagers who are dealing with significant issues such as being bullied, mental/emotional health issues, drug addiction, self injury or anything else where these strategies might trigger something worse.

Bottom line—being a teenager is really hard, and so is being a parent of one. Keep trying..your inner freak flag fly—and raise it high!

And they'll listen when you explain that making you wait is NOT a good idea, EVER, for everyone’s sanity, because carpools suck and are torturous enough.

But in all seriousness, I did take my kids’ personalities and life situations into consideration before engaging in these tactics.

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While not all my son's friends have a smartphone, he won't be an outlier either.

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